Enroll in a Medigap Plan A Today

Medigap Plan A is the most basic of the ten different Medigap plans available. As a result of its basic coverage it will also tend to be the least expensive of the plans. To get an understanding of how Medicare supplement plan A works.

Medigap Plan A Coverage

Every Medigap plan covers some or all of the gaps in coverage left by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Medigap plan A, being the most basic of the plans, covers the least number of coverage gaps. There are five gaps that are covered by Medicare supplement plan A; the Medicare Part A coinsurance which is a daily charge for days spent in the hospital past 60 days, The Medicare Part B coinsurance of 20%, the charge for the first three pints of blood in the event you are admitted to the hospital, and the coinsurance for any hospice care (end of life care). If you look at the other plans they will gradually ad coverage for other gaps. The gaps not covered by Medigap plan A are: skilled nursing facility care coinsurance, Medicare Part A deductible, Medicare Part B deductible, Medicare part B excess charges, and foreign travel emergency charges. You can check out explanations of the other Medigap Plans HERE.

Medigap Plan A Rates

Getting individual rates for any Medicare supplement plan is not something where you can give a ballpark figure. With each person being different the rates of an insurance plan will vary with each person’s individual profile. There are a few major factors that determine what your rate will be for Medicare supplement plan A and they are: age, health, location, and gender of the person. This means if you have two people that are identical in every way except that they live in two different cities or states they could come up with significantly different rates. The only way to know what the rate will be for you is to get a set of Medigap quotes. You can do this by filling out the form on this page or going to our page for Medigap quotes HERE.

If you are still having troubles understanding the differences between the different Medigap plans and would like some help sorting through all the plans please feel free to contact us. We help people every day look at the different options that you have and break down all the information that you need to make and educated decision. So whether you go with Medigap plan A or one of the other Medicare supplements you can rest easy that you made the right decision for your situation. It is our pleasure to serve you however we can.