Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement

Purchasing a Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare supplement works a little differently than the other major insurance companies because BCBS is not actually a single company but a trade association of independent companies.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield System

Not to get too detailed but to help you get the basics of BCBS you should understand that there are 38 member companies, a federal employee program and an association that all make up this one group. The system works together to provide health insurance in every state in the union as well as Panama and Uruguay. This give the company great stability and an advertising edge over other companies because they pool their resources to give them the great effectiveness.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plans

Since each company is independently owned it is hard to nail down exactly which of the Medigap plans is offered by each company. However, most of them offer all ten of the Medicare supplement plans made possible by the federal government. A Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare supplement is required to follow the same rules that every private insurance company must follow for these highly regulated plans. Medigap plan F is by far the most popular but people choose different Medigap plans for various reasons. You can find out more about the different Medigap Plans HERE.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Quotes

When you fill out the form on this page to receive a set of Medigap quotes you may or may not get quotes for a Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare supplement on the list. The reason is that we will send you the most competitive Medicare supplement plans for your location and details of your age and gender. Instead of shopping just one or a few companies we will shop all of the different Medigap insurance companies that are made available to your area. Since the coverage for the different lettered Medigap plans is the same no matter which provider you go through, so you are really making a choice based off of price. Instead of wasting your time making you go from agent to agent we consolidate all the best quotes for you. is an independent agent so we are not tied to any one insurance company. This means we are really working for you to find the best insurance rates for your needs. Our trained specialists can help you find the best plan for your needs and budget. If you ever have any questions about Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare supplement plans or any of the other companies please feel free to ask us. To help you out right now we also provide a great page on some of the most popular Medigap insurance companies HERE.